Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quilling and Iris Folding

If I owe you an ATC please don't read this!

Today I signed up to make ATCs in September.  My last two cards went AWOL so I may have to do them again.  Tomorrow I am planning to start another "blue" card.  Which is probably a good idea anyway.  I did some strange stuff on that card.  I won't be doing a lot of embroidery on this one. 

The September ATC swap is only six people so far.  I've signed up for two more cards.  Here is a card that I made today.  This is called an Iris Fold,  You cut a shape in the card.  I used a heart because the theme was love in different languages.  Then you cut strips of paper about an inch wide along the grain of the paper.  I used light weight papers because I didn't want the card to be to thick!  Then you fold the strips in half along the length.  Then you tape the papers in a series of colors folded edge towards the middle of the shape.  Each paper strip should over lap the last strip.  You work one angle and then start another angle.  The paper should meet in the middle.

First I cut a heart shape in a ATC.
Then I layed mor strips of paper.
Finished Iris Fold heart.
This afternoon I spent time walking in the pool.  It was empty which was nice except I can't swim.  Then I went to Beverly's which was really quiet.  I think there were 4 of us shopping.  It is fun to walk up and down the aisles trying to be inspired.  They had the cutest small dresser out of wood, it was very tempting.  Also Sizzix has a new line of small die cuts that are for steam punk.  Rather expensive but tempting.  Going up and down the isles I ran into the quilling section, they had a quilling board!  I have wanted one for years but I've always said "next time".  Then the store would sell out.  So I grabbed it and spent some time looking at quilling books and paper.  A couple of years ago I bough several colors of quilling strips.  The board is to make the rolled strips of paper the same size.  It is a lot easier to quill with a board.  There was a really strange item in the quilling section.  It was a ring with a deep bezel so that a quilled flower could be dropped into it and be protected.  Very interesting idea!  Anyway I may try quilling something tomorrow.

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