Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Trees Finished for the Year!

The trees are done for the year and I'm really happy!  As much as I enjoyed the challenge it is great to be done.  Anyway here are some pictures taken after decorating Sunday.  If you are in Santa Maria the tree is at the mall.

View of whole tree and gifts.
Another view of the whole project.
Chair, picture, red dress and doll.
Close up of doll.
Close up of red dress.
Close up of chair and picture.
Shelf with gifts.
Container with silk plant.
Bowl with ornament.
1940's book on Japanese prints.
Happy Cat!
Decorated shelf top.
Gifts including china.
Close up of china.
Lantern on tree top.
Tree top showing peacock.
Close up of peacock.
Tree top.
Tree top.
Tree top.
Tree top.
Another umbrella.
Strands of cascading beads.
Tree ribbons.
Large fabric lantern.
The tree came out so lovely I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures.