Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to ATCs and Ribbons Again

Today I started working on the ATCs I still owe by the end of September.  So if I still owe you a card peek if you want but don't blame me!

For a challenge pick cards that were harder to make this time.  The themes were people with crowns, mermaids and vintage.  So I went to a site with some free images .  They have a lot of great stuff and I enjoyed looking at the site today.  For the people with crowns I looked in their 1800s images and found an amazing story and pictures of a woman named Sara Forbes Bonetta.  At the age of 8 she was captured by slave traders.  They were going to sacrifice her but the ships captain convinced them to give her instead as a gift to Queen Victoria.  So I thought she deserved a crown.

So once I had my pictures it needed  background  After wrestling with a color background I decided on using Coffee Bean color ink and applying it directly to the card.  I left it uneven to add interest.

Coffee bean brown inked card.
The background was a bit dull still so I tried ribbons and laces and decided on some bobbin lace.  I bought it some time ago for 10 cents an inch from an antique shop.  It is machine made and is at least 100 years old.  So it seemed appropriate to use lace made around Victoria's rein.
Sample of bobbin lace.
Lace over card.
With this lovely background now it was time to work on her crown.  I love working in copper.  The crown was made with medium weight copper it was a scrap I had leftover.  I used strong scissors and cut out a crown.  It does dull scissors so don't use a good pair or sometimes I use the kitchen shears.
Working on crown size.
Roughly cut crown.
The crown needed more intesrest so with a Cuttlebug and Jim Holtz Alterations, Pattern and Stitches set I embossed it.  I used the one that looked like a test done on a sewing machine.  The crown needed to be placed in the folder just right and when embossed was perfect!  It does wear down the folder using metal so be careful.
Embossed copper crown.
Finally to put the ATC together.  I used Jewel-It glue for the crown, it works great for me.
Almost finished ATC.
Now it was time to finish decorating the card,  To sparkle up the crown I added some red flat backed crystals. I really wanted to put a folded ribbon rose on the card but it was just a bit to high for an ATC.  So I thought of making some simple ribbon flowers.  Then I realized that the Victorian style bracelet I made would be perfect.  The ribbon it had been made out of stretched so it didn't fit anymore.  So I tried it on the ATC and then cut and glued it on.
Victorian style bracelet.
A very pretty ATC.
I hope that the person I made it for likes it!

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