Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Time of the Polar Bear Draws Near

The time of the polar bear draws near.  This morning I was working on some ideas for the polar bear project.  I've been thinking about the eyes.  There are some lovely round goldstones in the jewelry supplies.  But it may be rather eerie being so dark.  They could be added by using a cabochon method.  Perhaps I will make one on a scrap of fleece first.  One thing I do know is that the eyes are done after the toy is stuffed.  Perhaps I can make them separately and then sew them on.  Another idea is to have a trailing vine that circles one eye.  Again that might be eerie too!

This morning I was looking through ribbon stitches and found the concertina rose.  The concertina stitch is exactly like the paper folding I did at school.  You fold the ribbon one side over the other back and forth.  When you let go it springs up.  To make the rose you pull one end of the ribbon and it tightens into a rose.  This seems a good place to start.  Making the rose in several colors of silk and sewing them on the paws or at least not the face.  It will take more practise before I will feel confident about working on the face.

Well it is off to the gym to walk in the pool.  Great time to work on more ideas!

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