Saturday, September 15, 2012

Confessions of a Madcrafter

The last few days I haven't been feeling very well so I haven't had energy for crafting.  It does feel good that the pair of earrings are finished and I did something! Which leads me to a confession.  When I predicted that I could organize the beads in four hours it must have been the fever talking.  It will probably take four days just to sort through the clear crystals.  I've made a complete mess of the beads and do not know where to start!  The problem isn't that there are so many in different sizes and shapes, but some are AB treated.   AB2 is easy to see but AB1 takes a bit of looking at to decide.  I estimate there are around 500 to 600 clear crystals to sort through.  Maybe I will take them outside in the sun to sort them.  But right now it feels to enormous a task!  If only the cat could help!

The cats have been thrashing out the pecking order a little better.  I knew the cats were getting along better when I saw our cat sitting in her favorite spot the other day.  They now ignore each other if they are at least 5 feet apart.  They were growling and hissing at each other a few nights ago.  I stood between them and they each looked away and started licking.  Why they have to keep fighting I don't know.  We don't let the white face kitten into the house anymore.  Now that our cat has a white face kitten free area she has calmed down.  She does hide more than she used to and has taken to hiding on shelves used for the computers or in boxes.  She has also taken to sleeping on my computer chair.  She seems really relaxed sleeping on the chair and rolls over to get her tummy rubbed while pretending to be asleep.

So back to crafting!  So last Saturday I challenged myself to finish some of the projects just sitting around.  Counting today I finished 14 projects in the last 8 days.  I've gone back and put up the pictures I promised last week so everyone could laugh at my Hello Kitty ATCs.  Today I made a clear and black crystal necklace.  This was my third try at deciding on a pattern and the style of beads.  The necklace was made of 8mm round black and 8mm round clear crystals and 4 mm black crystal bicones in a repeating pattern.  Here is what it looks like.

Black and clear crystal necklace.
Close up of black and clear necklace.
This isn't the prettiest necklace but I love it's simplicity.  After finishing it I wanted to make matching earrings.
Project number 13 for the week.
Finally I made time to make a spider pendant.  It came out larger than I thought it would.  I wanted to use a 20 gauge wire for the legs so it would be able to hold the heavy beads better.  I used a 14 gauge wire for the body because I had some already cut.  Then I decorated the legs with black crystal bicones and 4 mm round copper beads then added flattened ellipse beads with a texture that reminds me of baby turtles.  It came out roughly the size of a tarantula.  So the last project of the week the amazing copper spider!!
Copper Spider pendant.
I will have to come up with a really cool idea tomorrow to top the copper spider pendant.  I have tons of copper beads that are small and in lots of shapes and textures.  So maybe a smaller spider pendant.  Maybe I will try and drawn something but no more Hello Kittys for a while!

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