Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flour and Sugar Bag Kitchen Bunting

This is really a rather silly project but I wanted to give it a try.  When I was trying to see if I could make the empty paper bags from sugar and flour useful the idea of a bunting came to me.  So after months of saving bags I finally tried my idea out today.   This is a great project to get rid of lace and ribbon. 

First I separated the outer bag layer and cut out the package labeling.  Taking the larger front label to be a apron skirt and the smaller label the top.

Flour and sugar bags.
Ribbons and lace stash.

Cutout label ready for lace.
Lace sewn on label (back)

Next I got out the glue and some odds and end of lace and ribbons people have given me over the years.  The glue didn't work well, I think that the coating on the bag was the problem.  So I got out some duel duty thread and sewed the lace to the labels.  The bags were strong enough to sew through and it didn't take long because I used large stitches.  Really easy!  It is also great because when you are tired of the bunting you can take the lace off to recycle again!

Then I just had to come up with ideas of different types of aprons to make.  Half aprons, frilly, cute all types of aprons.

Paper apron.
Paper aprons hanging from bunting.
As I said silly but I could see this as a new neighbor welcome gift.  So if you are looking to recycle your sugar and flour bags try this!

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