Saturday, September 29, 2012

Figure 8 Ribbon Leaf Tutorial

Figure 8 leaves are really simple.  They aren't my favorite leaf but they are a great and quick fill in.

Step 1

Thread a small sharp needle with a matching color of thread as the ribbon.  Fold a piece of ribbon in your hand and fold the end over to form a loop.

Step 2

Sew through the loop end and leave a tail.  Make two small stitches to anchor the thread.

Step 3

Fold the other end of the ribbon so there is a loop the same size as the first loop.  You will have a figure 8.  Sew through the end of second loop.

Step 4
Trim any leftover ribbon and sew to your project.  Sew the leaf so that the center is hidden.  A quick and easy filler.  Interesting knitting yarns are also good leaves.
Figure 8 leaf under red daisy.



  1. Dear Lois its been long time , I must say great work.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments. I've worked on 101 projects in four months! If only I could say I finished them all! But today I finally finished the paper flower bouquet so I'm in a happy mood! Feels so good to finish stuff!