Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project Finished

Today I started out to finish at least one project.  So I started out working with ribbons and taking apart older projects that I didn't want.  The most important thing in a hobby is reusing materials.  Just like the young women in "Pride and prejudice"  Taking apart last seasons hat and hair decorations to remake them into another arrangement.  So I took apart some roses I made when I was just starting and adding them to my new project of finishing the paper covered box. 
The purple button rose.
I remade the rose taking out a lighter shaded petal and sewing the space closed.  Then I added two new petals on the sides.  So at this point I decided to make this into a collection of flowers for either a pin or hat.
Revised button rose.
Next I took some lace and put it behind the rose gathering it like a fan.  This really imfluenced the rest of the design.
Previous Hat decoration, that I took apart.
Picture of previous hat.
Personally I liked the hat.  It was a form that I covered with upholstery material and then decorated with ribbon flowers.  But it is nice to have something new so I started making a hat decoration.
I added a piece of crinoline to the button rose and then made and added flowers.  The pansy in front was from another project, it just needed to be shaped.  Making ribbon flowers is like sculpting in fabric.  You have to work back and forth taking small stitches to shape the flower.  The red rose on the right was a flat folded rose from the box project.  I needed some more color since most of the flowers were purple.  On the left I created a rose bud and added leaves I had made some time ago.  The top left is a 3/4 of a blended rose.  I left off some petals of the third row so it would lie flatter against the crinoline.  It was made from petals of an older rose.  There are two tiny ribbon candy flowers on the left with crystals to add a little interest.  The design looks better on the box then the hat so I will start decorating the box tomorrow.

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