Monday, September 17, 2012

Giving in to Addiction

This morning around 5 AM a white faced kitten squeaked at the window until I got up and fed her.  She also insists on being scratched.  Now she has a new trick of jumping and putting her forearms around my upper arm!  Trying to knock me over because she wants to play.  This is a big cat weighing about 35 pounds.  So after all that silliness I felt to unsettled to sleep.  I looked over to the night stand and saw three balls of cotton thread and a book of patterns.  I was weak and started looking at the patterns.  One pattern was for a silly pineapple crochet peacock.  It was from the Leisure Arts book "50 Fabulous Pineapple Crochet Motifs".  Why I bought this book I'm don't know except I love pineapple patterns.  So I grabbed a hook and started following the written instructions.  It lost me a couple times but this evening I finished it.  Now I want to make more motifs and there is a bunch of size 30 thread I bought to make a tablecloth.  The motif was just enough to start me crocheting again, but I have to be stronger.

Now what to do with the peacock.  I thought of hiding it so Lee didn't see it and pretend I never made it.  But instead I am going to use it to decorate a needle book that I need desperately.  But first I am going to use markers on it and make it colorful.  I learned this trick when my nieces that were 3 and 1 and colored a 30 inch pineapple doily.  That was over 20 years ago and you can still see some color.  I tried everything before to clean it so this should work.  This could actually be fun!  But I may hide my hooks just in case I get weak again.

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