Friday, September 7, 2012

Spent the day drawing

Today I spent the whole day drawing and coloring.  Really I'm just trying to catch up with everything.  So here are the cards I made to go out tomorrow.

Queen Victoria
This is a sketch I used an image by Mucha of Victoria.  It was created with ink pens, watercolor pencils, gold ink and red crystals.  So far I haven't been able to draw a mustach on it!  But every mustach collection should include a Queen of England.  It took three hours to get the effect of an old picture that was pastel colored.
This was a 50 year old ad for kilts.
I took and photocopied an ad in a book and then used a lot of distressing ink on it.  Using the shield he is holding as the lower part of a thistle I drew the rest with oil pastels and purple ink pen.
This is supposed to be a fantasy landscape.
I tried a lot of ideas but this one kept wanting me to make it.  The drawing was watercolor pencils.  I kept bulding on the red sun so that it has lots of colorful rings fading to pale blue.  Salt was sprinkled on it for texture.  I don't know what those plants are but I suggest not eating them.
Today I received this beautiful tree from jennden as part of the August ATC swap.  I really love the tree theme, I'm glad I included it in my list.  I've gotten so many cool trees in this swap.  In fact I started a scrapbook of ATCs.

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