Friday, August 31, 2012

Relatively Unscathed

Yesterday I got a lot of craft supplies put into general bags to be sorted out later.  At one point I had to move and even pick up some boxes which were to heavy for me to lift.  But today I feel a lot better than I deserve to.  So now I'm torn between organizing and just lounging and making something small like buttons or tatting.  So many projects to finish. 

During the organizing I found my long lost Tenerife wheel.  I've never been able to do tenerife work, it is also know as Sol or sun wheels.  So I was very tempted and even got a couple of books out to read.  Then I remembered That I still had a card to make for the Fiskateers contest.  So I made a tunnel card using the love circle that they sent as part of the contest.  Using card stock from the "Happily Ever After" pack.  It is hard to see because the card colors are so close.  The first image the Love circle flips up and reveals the "Is Our Magic" on the circle back. The second layer the circle reveals a fairy and behind that is a misty castle. It was more difficult to make then I was expecting.  Cutting the circles evenly was tricky.  The small accordions on the side create the dimensional look.

Front of the card.

Opened card.
I plan on making another card but first have to find an easier way to make it.  I posted it on the Fiskars page on Facebook.  It only allowed one image so that was rather pointless.
The rest of the day I spent trying to work on an ATC.  Now that I have the pen set I am practising alphabets so I can start writing directly on the cards.
Lee made a lovely meal for us.  Rice and vegetables with chicken thighs.  It was very tasty.  Here is a picture.
I made some Snickerdoodles.  Actually they aren't Snickerdoodles because I cut 1/2 of sugar and didn't roll them in sugar.  So they really are just great sugar cookies.  They went to fast to take a picture!  Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow.

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