Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things I Made Today

Since yesterday was full of Hello Kitty, I really tried to do something else and finish some more projects.  First I finished the little box I covered in handmade paper.  It needed a new red ribbon rose because I used the previous one on another project.  After the red rose was made I glued the flowers and leaf to the box lid.  It is very cute.

Next I worked on a garland for the wood elf pincushion.  It was a bit tricky sewing the flowers to a ribbon but it was worth it.
So sweet!
My next project was another spider.  I had already worked on a red spider but I ran out of some beads.  So I had to start again first making sure I had the necessary beads for it.  Here is what I came up with,
Definitely different.
I also worked on an ATC which is a watercolor pencils.  I worked on building layers and blending colors.  It is pretty.
To much reflection on the card.
After looking at the wood elf I realised that I forgot the flowers that I wanted the pincushion to hold.  So I strung some flower pieces onto wire and placed them in the wood elf's arms.
Finally a finshed pincushion!
Four finished projects today!

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