Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Almost forgot to post

Love in Welsh card using iris folding technique.  Background is embossed.
Two rubber stamps and watercolor pencils.
Illuminated letter L with celtic lion on a lace background.
Colored with ink pens and gold ink.
Rubber stamp colored with ink pens.  Cut out red leaves glued on to give dimension.  Pink watercolored pencil for background.
I was concentrating so much that I forgot to post until it was really late tonight.  The ATCs have taken all of my attention today.  I created three and was starting a fourth when I looked at the time with surprise.  I will post pictures of the cards later.  They were made using several techniques and using gold ink.  When using the gold ink I needed a fine line so I tried using a sharp needle but that didn't work.  So I tried using a sharp pencil and that worked!  The trick is to not press down so hard that it leaves pencil marks.  It was really very fascinating to work with such a wide variety of tools today.  I am now on card number 37.  I also signed up for two more cards.  One Art Nouveau and the other was mustaches.  Doing ATCs has really helped me to improve my drawing and coloring skills and allow me to experiment with watercolors.

Tomorrow I will work on spiders again.  It wasn't as bad as I thought putting away all the beads yesterday.  So I feel that I can handle the project of reorganizing the beads.  I want so desperately to get them put together in a sane manner and get them into the craft area.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to throw all the random beads in a large jar and just randomly use them in crazy necklaces.  I could call them love beads!

Anyway I want to finish at least one more card tonight.  I haven't stayed up this late in ages.  Usually I sleep at least 12 hours a day.  So I should use the energy while I have it.

Lee put flea collars on our cat and white faced kitten yesterday.  Our kitten was quite upset about it but white face kitten seemed to have accepted the collar.  Later Lee was feeding white faced kitten and noticed that her collar was gone.  Instead she had a regular pet collar on.  So white face kitten has been stringing us along all this time!  She eats twice as much as our cat and still eats somewhere else.  That may be why she weights 30 pounds or more.  She isn't fat just really large and solid.  So now I can stop worrying about her wanting to live with us but not being able to adopt her.  Our cat seems happier also because the white faced cat hasn't been in the yard constantly.  So now I can stop worrying and feeling guilty.  White faced cat is really a very lovey cat and loves to play.  She will hide and wait for someone to walk by and then leaps and puts her forelegs around your thigh and try to knock you down.  Very silly cat.  Well I need to get back to making cards and posting this before the router fails again.

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