Saturday, September 22, 2012

Golden Crystal Fall Necklace

Friday evening we went to the gym and then Beverly's where I bought a embossing folder by Vintaj.  I bought the steampunk parts folder and embossed some medium weight copper.  It looked really nice.  But when I used the folder I realized it was really a folder for clay.  So today I bought some copper clay to try out.  I wore my copper spider which most people liked. Talked to people, shopped and had fun.  Linda has been decorating Christmas trees, if you live around Santa Maria you must drop by Beverly's and look!

Came home and worked on a Hogwarts project for the theme is to make something a Niffler would like for Care of Magical Creatures Class.  I got out beading stuff and a golden amberish set of crystals.  I strung them on beading wire and at even spacing I added a leaf shaped drop.  The leaves are mirror backed and have an AB finish.  So the leaves have an internal glow when the light hits them.  It took a little over two hours to make.

Leaf drop necklace.

Close up of leaves.
It was a fun project but I really want to get all the other colored leaves I bought together and make a really fall looking necklace.
Almost forgot!  When I was at Beverly's some one asked me to make them a name tag holder.  Even better Beverly's is going to let me decorate a small standing mirror for the Altrusa tree this year!  Got to start thinking of an embroidery design and get some ribbons together!  Two new projects for next week!

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