Monday, September 10, 2012

I Promise No Ribbons Today

I was looking at the past two weeks of posts and realized that it had gotten rather single minded on ribbons.  So tonight I worked on a project with beads.  A couple years ago I taught how to make beaded spiders.  I had no idea how to make them so it was an interesting experience.  With some trial and error I was able to make one.  It is really quite easy.  The problem comes with choosing the beads because the spider looks better when it is proportional.  The body beads I chose were rather large, 20 mm for the back end.  So the spider is to large for jewelry.  The next one will be much smaller and I will make a loop to hang it from.  Maybe I will see if the craft store will let me have a class.  So here is the spider I made.

So now I have a really big job to do.  I got a good sized collection of beads together and I'm sorting through them tonight.  I should be done in about four hours!

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