Monday, September 3, 2012

Ribbon Button Rose Brooch


Today I entered a project in a Harry Potter Craftalong.  The website  is running the craftalong and we can take classes and even work toward our owls.  I entered a ribbon rose to the transfiguration class.  It was turned down because it had to incorporate a button.  Here is my second entry, I tried to make a post as if I were in a magical world.  I made a ribbon button rose brooch.  So today's blog is a bit silly.  Below is what I posted to the craftalong, maybe this project will win me a class badge!
Tranfiguration Class
Transforming Ribbons into a Button Rose
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Making a Ribbon Button Rose
Project Page Link (if available):
Ribbon button rose brooch.

The button! I was being a daft bimbo again! So I went back to my ribbons and made a button rose brooch! It uses a button for the center and then the last three petals cover it so the button peeks out. It took only 4 hours and this is again from an arcane spell book by Helen Gibb.

A lot of witches think that this is a difficult spell and requires lots of magical equipment, they are wrong.  Ribbon flowers are sadly just magic from a past era. First any fabric ribbon can be used. However muggles use magic ribbon with wire on the edges! I've actually seen some! Stay away from that and get some unmagical ribbon. The real magic is a spell put on the needle. The needle will take off and sculpt beautiful petals. Just remember that the number of times you tap the wand is how many petals the needle makes. Once my Aunt was making flowers with us and couldn't stop sneezing and the air was full of petals! I recommend this craft to other witches. Oh, one more hint. You may want to buy a magic potion call fray check, it comes in small bottles and is inexpensive. I hope this is an acceptable project for class.

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