Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missed a Blogging Day

I knew that I would miss a day sooner or later but had hoped to have made five months.  Yesterday Lee was working on the router and it took longer then expected.  So while he was routing I was finishing the last ATCs for the month.  It would be fun to do more but I feel like trying a bigger project.  The cards I sent to Canada still have not been received so I am remaking them.  The hard part is to come up with a different design just in case the first cards are ever delivered.  I will keep making cards until they show up so I'm not taking on anymore ATCs until they are delivered!  I just hope I don't have to walk there to deliver them!

Yesterday I also worked on the Polar Bear design.  At first I thought that I would do a mixture of ribbon work and embroidery.  Now I think I will do almost all embroidery and most of that in silk ribbons.  Roses will be the main flower, wool, spider, Brazilian, etc.  It is just starting that is the problem.  All that white fleece is daunting!  The other issue is whether to stuff the bear first.  I'd hate to embroider and then find that it looks funny after stuffing.

The embroidered card is done I decided that the copper bug was cute.  Now I need to make an envelope.  Yesterday I found two old map books, one was a larger atlas type!  Lee had bought them in 2005 so he gave them to me!  Now I can make some map envelopes!  Time to go back and get some more sleep I have to be well rested to work on the polar bear!

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