Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ribbon Rose Finished

Blended Ribbon rose.

Unfortunately I have been ill today but I did get my purple rose done.  The ribbon was terrible to work with and every petal needed to be fray checked.   But it is lovely even with fraying issues.  I've also added a petal to my button rose brooch.  I 'm thinking of adding some small flowers and even a dangling bud or two.  What good is making stuff like this if you can't make it flamboyant and fun!  But I do need to get back to my shirt and other stuff.

Today Lee went to a office supply store and bought me some extra fine markers in great colors and a large eraser to carve.  Yesterday I found my carving tools now just to come up with a design.  It would be great to have rubber stamps in lace designs and equipment.  When I went to the office supply store last week I asked what tools the salesperson could suggest for someone just starting to draw and he suggested the colored pens and pencils.  But the calligraphy set was so tempting.  He said that I couldn't draw with the calligraphy pens.  So last night I used and extra fine nib and proved him wrong.  It was a bit tricky but I did a great job and found the pen worked really well for filling in colored sections.  Now to find a source for a good variety of ink colors.

Still working on ATCs but I actually have them in hand.  I can even start mailing them out tomorrow.  I'm just trying to finish ones going to the same person to make the mailing easier.  I only have one giving me fits!  It is a fantasy landscape.  With some luck the pens I got today will give me some inspiration.  I will work on it tonight and see what I come up with.  Also I need a really funny mustache idea!

I did receive a class badge in herbology at Hogwarts for a ribbon rose I made.  Now I have to make something that a niffler would like.  Something with lots of crystals.  I may have to close the windows and doors just to be safe!  The craftalong has been really fun and has given me some ideas for things to make.  I need more ideas!

Anyway that is it for tonight I really need to rest so that tomorrow I won't have a fever.

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