Sunday, September 16, 2012

Copper Spider Fibula

Yesterdays spider was so cool I decided to try and make another smaller one.  So after getting out the copper beads I tested the wire gauge with some of the 3mm beads.  Yesterday I didn't check first and ended up with a large spider.  So I used 22 gauge wire and created a fibula closing with a 3mm round copper bead and an elongated 6 mm copper bead.  Between these beads I added a bead cap but reversed the way I did it yesterday.  So it made the spider body slightly longer and didn't obscure the head bead.  The legs used 24 gauge wire and were strung using 3mm copper beads in different shapes.  The joints were made with 3 mm crystal that were marked purple but really look brown/purple.

Spider fibula.
While making spiders and reading a book on drawing, I started painting the heart shaped box I started to decorate last week.  Instead of paint I used a 8 ounce bottle of Mod Podge and 1 ounce of a bottle of Americana Burnt Umber.  The idea of mixing a color with Mod Podge was my sister's.  Two years ago she came up with the idea of using a concoction of Mod Podge and adding Americana Burnt Sienna together and dipping fake apples into it to make them look like caramel apples. They were amazing!  So I wanted to try dipping fake apples but instead of using Americana Burnt Sienna I used Burnt Umber!  It was a happy accident because the apples looked like they had been dipped in chocolate!  So I got out my Mod Podge and started painting the box.  The box came out a lovely brown but the Mod Podge dripped and streaked a bit.  It will need a bit of sanding and repainting.  The funny part is that it looks like the box is made out of wood.
Box painted with Mod Podge and Burnt Umber.
Box with ribbon flowers.

While I was playing with Mod Podge and paint I dipped some fake strawberries!  They look so real!

Dipping fake strawberry in concoction of Burnt Umber and Mod Podge.
Freshly dipped fake strawberry.
Finished fake strawberry looks good enough to eat!

Now to spend some time drawing a mermaid for the ATC swap!

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