Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall is Finally here

Fall is Finally here!  The wind is crisp and cool and the cats have started their winter coats.  With Lee's help I hope to make apple sauce this weekend!  Because I can't stir a pot for very long I simply put the skinned and chopped apples in to a pan and slowly bake them.  It works really well with the apples in the yard at least.  Then I just freeze them in bags for later.  Applecake is a really wonderful treat.  So lots to do this weekend!

I've been designing a new necklace made mostly of wire.  Last night I dreamt that the wire had escaped and was choking people.  Guess I had better finish the necklace before I have more strange dreams.

This week I received two lovely pairs of Fiskar scissors.  It seems that their contest had a major problem and they sent the people who entered free scissors.  One is an 8" pair of fabric scissors and the other 8" paper scissors with a zebra stripe pattern on the blades.  The fabric scissors have been engraved with my name!  A few weeks ago I had another great pair of scissors from them with my Fiskateer number.  The Fiskateers is a sort of club.  People that signed up at their Fiskateer website and participate get a pair.  Anyway all the dealings I've had with them has been gracious and generous.  Thank you Fiskars!

Three new pairs of scissors from Fiskars!

Well lots of stuff to at least try to do.  Now that I have found my reading glasses I expect to get more accomplished!  I can actually see what I am typing and the keyboard!  Most of the time I hope I'm hitting the right keys and rely on the spell checker heavily.  What a great day!

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