Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Friday

Book Friday is an idea I've had for a long time.  Hopefully once a week I will post a book that is interesting or review a craft book.  For a couple decades Lee and I have been collecting old books for their out of copyright pictures.  Especially old woodblock prints.  It was easier than one would think because we weren't looking for books in good shape.  We were often able to get them for under $5.00.  We look every time we go to a used bookstore.  So I was in the hall walking past a shelf and spied a book to start this feature.

The first book is called "John Martin's Big Book".  It is a children's book with stories and biographies.  It is a first edition dated 1921, the book is in sad shape.  The spine is barely together and the acid paper is quite brown.  But the pictures are really cute!  Here are some random pages from the book.

Book cover.

Inside cover.
Facing page.
These pictures are just random selections to see the style of the book.  It was a great find!  Almost every page has a picture.  Sadly the book was printed on acid paper but it was meant as child's book and not to last nearly a hundred years.  I hope this was fun for someone else besides me!

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