Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today a Little Red Riding Hood came through our neighborhood calling for a cat.  Lee picked up the Witch-cat and sure enough it was her cat.  The cats real name is Seraphim!  Anyway she wanted to make sure that her cats were inside tonight.  Nice to know where the cat is supposed to be!

So today I spent time making a crocheted butterfly.  It was difficult because it was a written pattern.  But it was interesting because I had never done a pineapple pattern with three double crochet groups inside the pineapple.  I finished  the wings but I am not sure about the body.  Anyway it was an interesting challenge.

October will be over in a few hours and Nanowrimo will begin.  I may stay up but I doubt it.  Need to get back to my crocheted doll.

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