Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quilled Snowflake

Tried a more advanced quilling project that was difficult.  The snowflake only had two types of shapes, marquise and s scroll.  The first shape I am getting better at but the s scroll is challenging.  The s scroll had a larger and smaller end and it was difficult to know when they were the right size.  So I tried counting the turns on each side and then letting them relax so they had an open scroll shape.  The problem was in getting the shapes glued.  I would try and hold the glued shape closed but the energy of the curve kept popping the scroll open again.  I wasted quite a few pieces of quilling paper but finally finished the snowflake.  The s scrolls formed a heart shape and a marquise is glued to the top and bottom of the hearts and then the bottom marquise glued together on their sides forming a circle of marquises.  Two of the hearts were not quite right but I am still learning.  I'm beginning to wonder if this is beyond my abilities.  The rest of the day I spent dropping things if I didn't concentrate on holding on.  But I did get one small box of clear crystals separated by AB, size and shape and restrung on cotton cord.  The crystals kept trying to allude me but I won in the end!  I guess I will see if I get back to the doll tomorrow or have the will to quill!

First quilled snowflake.
Another view.

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