Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Sunday

Yesterday I got out for a change and lost the roses I made.  They were in my hand and my hands are so numb the roses just fell out!  I looked all over but didn't see them.  My friend called to say they were found!  I was going to stop making flowers but now I have no excuse! 

I was also reminded of the Altrusa tree that I volunteered to make a gift for.  I am going to decorate the back of a small mirror.  At first I wanted to do ribbon work but then I thought it might look better with a flatter embroidery.  So I found a iron-on of a fairy.  First I chose a silk taffeta fabric but it would not take the iron-on.  So I put the fairy onto some linen/poly blend fabric.  It is really beautiful fabric it has a little shine and some larger threads like linen fabric.  The embroidery looks nice and I think it will be lovely but I don't think it will work for the mirror.  Recently I received a book on securing ribbon work so it can be machine washed.  So that may be my next direction.  I've debated with myself long enough and will start a ribbon work design this week and see which embroidery will work best.

Almost forgot!  I can't go to Beverly's the best craft store ever without buying something!  I really wanted more 7mm ribbon but at $5.00 I need to wait for a sale!  They have rearranged the store and I couldn't find what I was looking for, definitely not spending enough time there!  Found the sewing ribbons and they have all the ribbon together now which is so pretty, lots and lots of color!  But they didn't have the yellow ribbon in polyester. So I bought some yellow dye and will see what I can do with it.  The box says the dye is not for polyester.  If that doesn't work I can do it with the fabric paint.  Last time it worked well but the ribbon was rather stiff afterward.  Then I went to the part of the store that had the please take this stuff home part of the store.  I got a lovely purse/box it is usually $20.00 and I got it for $2.00 dollars!  The purse is 7 inches by 4.5 inches so it is small but has great details.   There is a cool latch and inside has a pretty  pattern.  Here are some pictures.

Standing up on one edge it looks like a closet.  Perhaps I could make some paper dolls and clothes to put in the trunk and give it as gift.
When I get more embroidery finish I will post a picture.

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