Wednesday, October 17, 2012

96 Degrees

Yesterday I was going out but it was warm so I postponed until today and it was 96 degrees!  I could not believe it could be so warm in October.  But we both survived the trip to town! 

Went to Michael's and as usual I couldn't find what I wanted but they did have a new Clover tool, Kanzashi Flower Maker.  The tool was rather easy to figure out just follow the numbers.  But when they say light weight fabrics they really mean it.  Even some satin I used produced a thick petal.  I can see where the petals won't make the same kind of flowers as I've been making but they are really cute.  To make sure I was doing it right I went to youtube and saw several videos.  Watching the Kanzashi videos not using the Clover tool made it look easy.  So I will have to try making a flower with and without the Clover tool.

Then I went to Beverly's and bought some gingham to make into smocked ornaments.  Finally got the stuffing and started stuffing the ornaments for Altrusa.  Now I can finish them and get back to work on the Fall roses.

Hopefully I will have some pictures of the flowers tomorrow.

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