Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Turned in the Christmas Ornaments

Went to Beverly's today and turned in the Altrusa Christmas ornaments.  My friend liked them and really liked the crocheted teacup.  One of the reasons going to Beverly's today was to get some off white and pink thread to make more teacups.  I lost the ball of pink thread in back of the dresser and it meant a lot of work to free it.  But Beverly's didn't have any pink thread and didn't even have any Halloween colors!  So I pushed out some stuff and looked for some thread that was stored in the closet.  I had forgotten what an extensive stash I still have.  I found several balls of Garden thread which is wonderful thread and comes in great colors.  So I was looking through some old patterns and found a really cute doll to make with thread!  So that may be my next project.

While getting to the thread I found a purple blouse, it had been missing.  It is a sheer blouse with a camisole the same color.  It is screaming to have some shadow embroidery on it.  I was thinking of  decorating the camisole with ribbon embroidery and the shadow embroidery to match on the blouses shoulders.  So it is a good thing I bought a new ribbonwork book "Ribbonwork Gardens" by Christen Brown.  It has a lot of flowers and different techniques.  The book pulls together a lot of different flowers so it is great if you are just starting ribbonwork.

Well I need to get stuff put away and get started on the doll!

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