Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finished Flower Hair Clip using the Kanzashi Flower Maker

Last night every time I tried to hold something it would fall out of my hands.  Remembering where I just put something down was driving me crazy.  When I couldn't remember where I put a 8 inch doll needle that was it!  That big a needle is dangerous and you would think it would be easy to find! 

So I started to reread a series by Julie Kaewert.  When I started the series I had read the last book first and the first book last.  So now I am reading them in the proper order!  The main character is legally blind without his glasses so I can understand that.  The character also has thousands of books and owns a publishing company.  The books are called "A Booklover's Mystery" and all the titles start with UN.  The first book is Unsolicited.  It is a really good mystery series!

I did get the Kanzashi Flower finished and made it into a hair clip.  The second petal row is made with a small checked gingham fabric and the size 6 pearlized off white seed beads are sew to the center.  The beads cover the petal ends and also help prevent raveling.

Kanzashi flower hair bow.

Also I started practising quilling. I can't find my quilling tool so it is quite a bit harder without it. The quilling board is a bit tricky to use but I'm sure it will get easier. The book I'm using is called "The Book of Paper Quilling, Techniques and Projects for Paper Filigree" by Malinda Johnston. So far the quilled shapes are coming out alright but without the quilling tool the centers are a bit large. It took more than 10 minutes to make the first marquise. But I am slowly getting faster.  It just takes determination and patience.

Quilled marquise and rolled center for flower.

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