Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Make A Ribbon Rose Tutorial II

In the first post "How to Make A Ribbon Rose Tutorial" we went through the process of making the 4 u-gather and 1 u-gather petals.  There are other ways to start a ribbon rose and the books I've recommended have those and other directions.  The 4 u-gather petals are sewn to the sepals and the 1 u-gathers are sewn at the bottom of the petal to the 4 u-gather petals.  Next you can do another row of 1 u-gathers or more detailed petals.  But whatever you choose you will need to change to a 1.5 inch ribbon.  If you keep making 1 inch ribbon petals they will look to thin and take several petals to fit around the flower.  That being said I did not have 1.5 ribbon in a good color so I stayed with the 1 inch ribbon!
Three inches of 1 inch ribbon.
For the third row of petals I used a rolled corner petal. For this you cut the ribbon about 3 inches long. Fold the ribbon in half horizontally. 
Folded ribbon.
At one side of the folded edge sew through the fold near the edge from inside the fold. This will hide the knot. Then fold over the corner a tiny bit and then fold it once more.  You can leave it with the point showing but if you can fold it twice it looks more natural. Next guide the needle under the fold and above the petal.  Try to make small stitches to sew down the rolled corner.
Folding the corner.
Tie off and cut the thread and do the same to the other corner. It does look more interesting if you do some of the petals with only one corner sewn down.
Other side of petal rolled.
Shaping the petal by overlapping the bottom of the petal.
With the corners finished slightly over lap the bottom and sew in place. This give a shaped look to the petal.  Because I was using 1 inch ribbon I only overlapped one side.  This overlap causes the petal to curve.
Now it starts to look like a petal.
Sewing the petal to the previous row.
Where the needle is going in is at the bottom of the previous petals.
Sewing through the whole flower again.
Almost finished with the third row.  Check that the petals are not loose.
  If you don't they can slip sideways.
Finished rose.
Sew the petals from the bottom through the u-gathered petals so they are well connected. Remember to over lap the folded corner petals so they cover the edges of the u-gathered petals. You will also need to make 5 or 6 of these rolled cornered petals so that the flower looks full.  You now have made a rose! 
You can continue to make separate petals and add rows of petals, at some point you will need a wider ribbon to continue.  If you can't find a wider ribbon in the same color consider a variegated ribbon that will go well with the main color of the rose.  Finally you can try different types of ribbon, sheer, matte etc., a few petals that are a different kind of fabric can add interest.  There are other petal types to try and I will post some more ideas tomorrow.

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