Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rainbow Bugs

I first discovered rainbow bugs when I started making jewelry.  When I would be piecing crystals together and the sun was streaming into the room there would be small bright rainbows on the walls.  I decided to call the lights rainbow bugs.  Then I realised how much they actually could help me in creating jewelry.  The refraction levels would be my guide to when I had enough crystals in a piece of jewelry.  Today I had bugs all over the walls!  The earrings below are a change from what I usually make.  I used two pieces of chain and then wired 10 crystals some with an AB finish on each earring.  This is a very labor intensive style so I don't do them very often.  Then I found one of my jewelry stands and put it in front of the ribbon flowers.  The pictures came out great!  The earrings already have a new home just in case someone wanted to adopt them!
Crystal Earrings.
Close up of crystal earring.

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