Monday, October 15, 2012

More Ornaments for Altrusa

Yesterday I made three ornaments.  Today I made a kitty and another teapot and I am working on a fan design.  The fan looks to be very time consuming so it may not make the tree.  I think that there should be 3 or 4 of each type of ornament but each slightly different.  The fan I'm working on has a lot of gold couched threads.  In other words it takes a lot of work.  I could also make some snowflakes in crochet, I certainly have enough patterns.  But the pattern I really would love to see is the padded hanger, lots of poof and sparkle!  I have crocheted little teacups.  Once I made a crocheted tea cup with little mice and another with little baby blocks inside.  The baby one may have been for my oldest niece.  That gives me lots of patterns to look for but it might be easier to do it on the fly.

The last of the off white ribbon is sitting over night in a tangerine dye bath.  I'm hoping to get some pale orange ribbons for the fall ribbon roses.  Well back to the ornaments.

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