Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to Make A Ribbon Rose Tutorial III

The first two tutorials showed some basic ribbon flower techniques.  They are all you need to make lovely flowers with some practise.  This tutorial will give some alternate petals that are even easier than the rolled corner petal.

The Corner Fold Technique

This is the easiest of the individual petals to make.  After cutting 3 to 3.5 long piece of ribbon fold it in half.  Use a length of ribbon that is comfortable for you to use. Remember that the bottom can be trimmed afterward if the petal is to long. If the ribbon doesn't have both sides the same fold the ribbon so that the wrong side is showing. 

Piercing through both layers of the ribbon.

Then take a matching thread and sew through the folded ribbon about a 1/4 inch from the fold.  Go around the edge and sew from the backside to the front again.  Repeat one more time and then tie off the thread and cut any lose ends.  Repeat on the other edge of the ribbon.

Sewing through the ribbon again.
Tie off the thread after the third stitch.
You can see that I have made a loop at the top of the ribbon.
Now take the end of the ribbon and turn it inside out so that the right side of the ribbon is outside again.
Turning the ribbon right side out.
Ribbon right side out.
With the ribbon right side out you will notice that the top is pushed in at the corners.  This is the effect you are trying for.  I suggest that you use the needle to gently shape the corners.  You can even make small stitches to secure the corners.  Not as nice as the rolled corners but easier.  I usually make a couple of these instead of the rolled corner roses to add interest.
Folded coners petal being shaped by folding the bottom edge over and stitching.
Sew them around the u-gather center just as you did the rolled corner petals.
Another interesting petal is the sewn corner petal.  It is just what it says, sew the corners.
Take a piece of ribbon 3 to 3.5 inches long and fold it in half with the wrong side out.  About a 1/4 inch down from the corner start sewing towards the fold at a angle.
Sewn corner.
Do the same to the other corner of the ribbon.

Both corners sewn.
Turn the ribbon right side out.  By stitching both corners it gives the petal more stability then just a stitch on the side.
Petal with right side out.
Petal shaped with tucks on the bottom of both sides of the petal.
Petal on finished rose.

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