Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Cat Formerly Known as White Face Kitten

The silly cat with a squeak has been finally named the Witch-cat of Angmar!  She continues her reign of terror against us and we feel great fear at her squeaks.  She has continued to stalk us all and she still appears out of no where and tries to take us down to the ground so she can be scratched!  Her will dominates us all and we know that we are under her rule!

Our poor little cat is so paranoid she spends most of the day inside now.  She has been finding hiding places all over the house just in case the Witch-cat gets inside.  She now naps on top of the highest book shelf on top of a box.  She can hit her head on the ceiling if she tries to sit up.  I haven't been out watering like I have in the past.  Every time I go out the Witch-cat tries to knock me over or sits on my feet so I can't move.  She even growls if I stop scratching her.  So Lee does the watering now and the cat and I hide inside.

Every time I try to put food in the outdoor bowl she appears from no where.  It is disconcerting to have a 35 pound cat suddenly trying to knock you down so she can get inside!  But I think I know where the Witch-cat is hiding.  The house is on a small hill and the ground is reinforced with banks.  The neighbor's closest to the side door have a standard fence but it is on top of the bank making it about 10 feet high.  The Witch-cat is hiding on the fence and leaps down to the bank and then straight at me!  The only thing I can do is close the door to keep from being attacked!

Today I got up late and let our cat inside through the front door.  She complained and wanted her head scratched.  She will sit in the hall until I scratch her head!  So she came in the kitchen with me and before she eats she always looks out the side door to make sure the Witch-cat isn't there.  Then I opened the door to put out some food and next thing I knew the cat food was flying in the air and the Witch-cat was inside.  I stepped between the cats and then did something completely out of character, I screamed!  I started making Aht Aht Aht sounds in a high pitched voice.  This confused the Witch-cat, she seemed a bit afraid and started looking around for danger.  Then she turned around and ran out of the house!  My heart was trying to find a way out of my chest and I sat down.  Which ever neighbor takes care of the Witch-cat I wish that they spent more time with her so she won't keep trying to bend her powers over us and make us slaves to her will!

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