Monday, October 1, 2012

Copper Ear Decoration

Yesterday Lee helped me make some apple sauce.  He picked and cleaned the apples from the trees and then watched over them as they cooked in the oven,  I peeled and chopped the apples,  This morning when I got up I had some sauce and it was perfect!  They were tart and sweet and the only ingredients were apples and water.  I froze them in zip bags unfortunately there were only six cups.  It was a lot of work.   While I worked on the apples Lee read to me from a book by Jasper Fforde called "The Well of Lost Plots".  The book is a series about a woman called Thursday Next and her adventures in books.  She jumps in and out of novels and tries to protect the story lines.  It is a very complex and silly series and it taxes your memory of classic literature.  I recommend this strange series.

This morning I was going to make some cookies but it was still warm from baking the apple sauce.  Lee and I went outside and it was so hot it was hard to breath.  The day top 105, a strange start for October 1.  So I stayed inside and worked on a project that my sister had pinned for me.  It was from a fashion website and I couldn't find any instructions.  It was a sort of earring that makes it seem that the wearer has pointed ears.  The site called them Hobbit ears, but Tolkien doesn't seem to mention that they have pointed ears.  It is a leaf shaped metal wire with some wire wrapping and beads.  I haven't gotten the back piece right so it stays on more easily.  But here is a first attempt.  The decoration was a lot of work,  it has a lot of  wire wrapping and shaping.  It would be cool to have a pair for Halloween.  This ear decoration may not stay on but it does make a great bookmark.
First attempt at leaf shaped ear decoration.
The ear decoration needs a back piece able
to hold on to the ear but not show.

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