Sunday, October 14, 2012

Altrusa Tree Ornaments

A pretty pink felt heart embroidered with two shades of pink floss using french knots, back stitch, chain and detached chain, and button hole stitches.

Saturday I bought felt for making ornaments for the Altrusa Christmas tree.  I don't really like making ornaments out of felt but it is easier to embroider then non felted fabrics.  The tree colors are pale pink and off-white and I am struggling to decorate the ornaments without green!  Flowers need leaves!  So far I have almost finished a teapot and heart ornaments.  They still need to be stuffed and I have nothing to fill them with.  It has been fun using different stitches.  The other ornaments I need to make are gloves and a kitty.  Using the die cut by Jim Holtz I am trying to make a dressmakers dummy.  We will see if they are approved this week, if not I can give them as gifts.  We still haven't gotten a new memory card for the camera so I don't have pictures.  Hopefully tomorrow that will be taken care of and I will post some pictures.  Took the risk of putting the memory card in my main computer.  Hopefully plastic bits don't get stuck in it!

Pink teapot with clear silver lined size 15 beads and a spider rose.  The stitches used were running stitch, buttonhole, couching and spider rose.
Pink detached chain stitched daisies on off white felt, with satin stitch and buttonhole stitches.
Die cut from a Jim Holtz die.  Off white felt with pink and off white floss.  The stitches used were running, buttonhole, detached chain and spider rose.
They look good to me!  The dressmaker's dummy is adorable.  The bottom was a bit tricky to button hole so I may cut the ends off on the next one.  The tea pots are a bit wonky but I like them that way.  The teapot with the seed beads took a while to make.  That is why the second tea pot doesn't have beads!  This tree is going to be really pretty!
I didn't take pictures of what I made yesterday so I will need to be brave again!

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