Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching Up and Finishing the Altrusa Ornaments

Two Saturday's ago it was really hot and I went off to Beverly's to find out what ornaments we were making for the Altrusa tree.  I had fun but before I got home I had two seizures.  So I rested and worked on the tree ornament.  I was also trying to keep up with my blog but it has really been hard.  In fact I have written this entry and accidentally erased it.  That is why I haven't been posting everyday.  My brain isn't working to well.

So last week I spent time making ornaments it gave me something to concentrate on and accomplish.  Last Wednesday I had to go out to get medicine and get approval of the ornaments but my friend wasn't there.  It was in the high 90s and that finished me.  So then I needed more rest so I worked on even more ornaments and then just stopped trying to blog.  Friday I went out again to show the ornaments and  got approval.  Another hot day!  So I took a break from everything.

So today I am trying to get back to things.  The weather has dropped 30 degrees and we even had rain last night!  So that helps a lot.

Over the past week I made a cone ornament using some scraps of pink lace and added a border of silver beads and silk ribbons. Then I filled it with ribbon candy and hard peppermints made out of felt.  To top it off I made a poinsettia out of small scraps of felt!

Cone Ornament.
Top of cone Ornament.
Then I made a three sided drop ornament.  The ornament is made of felt that is layered and has a silk ribbon rose in the center.  It needs some more work but I'm not sure what to add.  It is also a bit large for the tree, it is only a 4 foot tree.  So my friend said not to make any more ornaments, I've made enough to fill the tree.  But I look at it that the more ornaments the better the selection.  I also believe the ornaments should have a great variety. Who wants the same ornaments on the tree.  So I will probably keep making ornaments until the tree goes up in November.
Three sided drop ornament.
Crocheted basket ornament.
The basket ornament is from the book "50 Pineapple Crochet Motifs" on page 40.  It was lucky that the crochet thread matched the pink felt so well.  The ornament still needs to be blocked and starched.  Using the off white felt I made a lining for the basket.  The handle will also need some reinforcing with beading wire.  And some more felt flowers.
Crocheted teacup ornament.
Another view of cup.
The teacup is from a pattern in "Crocheted with Heart" April 1998 page 33.  The cup is actually small so I may adjust the pattern to make a bigger ornament.  First though I need to find some off white thread.  Can't have one ornament white while the others are off white.
Here are the other ornaments finished.
Dressmaker dummy ornaments made from Jim Holtz die cut.
Heart ornament.
Heart ornament made with die cuts.
Kitty ornament.  Rather silly looking.
Off white kitty ornament.
Pink teapot with silver lined seed beads and silk ribbon rose.
White teapot with pink daisies.
 I hope that someone will like the tree enough to bid lots of money on it!  If anyone has a idea or comment I would appreciate any help.
Almost forgot, I made a hat last night.  I took the off white felt that I was making ornaments from and built a hat.  Using math Lee figured out how big a circle to use.  Then I added an inch for ease and a lining.  I sewed a 6 x 11 and 6 x12 piece of felt together with a little 1/4 inch overlap on each end, this was the hat  band.  Then I cut out an 8 inch circle.  Next I sewed the circle to the 6 x 23 inch felt.  I used doubled thread and sewed it tightly forming a ridge.  Once the hat was together I folded the 6 inch band up inside the hat so the band was now 3 inches.  I had at first just wanted to make a prototype of a hat but when it was together I though why not decorate it.  So I took less then a quarter yard from a black lace bolt I bought and covered the hat.  First I covered the band leaving a half inch over hang at the top and wrapped the lace down and then up into the hat.  It was difficult to sew it so I just tacked it inside to the hat top every inch or so.  Then I cut out another hat top out of felt and ran a running thread around a lace circle.  After placing the lace together with the felt I sewed it into the hat through the top.  Finally I took a lace circle and sewed it to the hat top.  This was all hand stitched, I don't know if it could be done on a sewing machine.  It came out cute.  It cost $1.50 to make, so that made it even better!
Top of hat.
Hat on top of red, white paper flowers.

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