Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ribbon Roses the Sequel

Three dyed polyester ribbon roses.

Today I did not dye ribbon!  I thought about it but they objected!  So instead I worked on making flowers out of the ribbon that I had dyed the last few days.  I can usually manage one rose a day, but have made 3 in 2 days!

The golden ribbon made a really beautiful rose.  But the petals being all one shade made it a tiny bit dull.  The green glass beads add a bit of interest.  I am considering shading it with fabric markers.

Sunny yellow dyed polyester ribbon rose.

The wine colored ribbon did come out two slightly different shades and that gave it more depth.  I used a pearl center and in the last row added some petals that had a pink to green shading.  Very pretty rose.

Wine dyed polyester ribbon rose.
Last night I took some Fabric paint in Berry Wine and painted the wine dyed ribbon in streaks using a chenille stem.  For the u-gather center I streaked some off-white ribbon.  In the last row I added some simple wine colored petals.  It made a pretty striped rose.

Berry Wine fabric painted polyester ribbon.
Wine dyed and berry wine striped polyester ribbon rose.
Coiled rose.
Also I was able to make a coiled rose!  It was easy once I thought it out.  The center should have more gathering using small stitches and as it is worked down the ribbon the stitches get longer making it less gathered.  Before I had not used enough ribbon so the effect was strange,  It will make a beautiful rose on a hat or maybe my black jacket.

The computer and the camera are not speaking and a black piece of plastic fell out of the computer.  So no pictures tonight.  Knowing my luck Nessie will come to the side door and eat the cats.  And I won't be able to post a picture!

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