Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kanzashi Flower Maker

I thought that I would post early today because I have some pictures!  Just keep forgetting to buy a new memory card for the camera.  This will be a catch up post of some forgotten projects.

First I really love the Kanzashi flower tool by Clover.  After looking at youtube for instructions I wandered into making Kanzashi without a tool.  Very fascinating and not as difficult to make the petals as the flower looks.  Yesterday evening I just didn't feel like working on the crocheted doll.  So I made petals with the Kanzashi tool.  But I twisted the petals so they look more like ribbon petals.

Kanzashi tool flower.
This will save on buying ribbons because I can now use any lightweight fabric!  They really look like bits of ribbon.  The only downside is that the petals are to thick and short to make a stemmed flower.  I plan on buying the larger tool to see if that will work.  I'm thrilled because this will give me a much larger color range too.  I've started a second row of petals using some of the pink gingham fabric.  Next thing you know I will be getting out my button box and making matching button!  I am so crazy!
Crocheted peacock.
Closeup of peacock.
The peacock has been on hold, I was looking for the goldstone for the eye.  I think it is rather silly and cute.  The peacock had been sewn to the background fabric.  Just needs some embroidery and maybe fabric paint and it will make a good cover for a needle case.
Pleated Gingham.
Finally I have been working on the smocked ornament.  The fabric isn't enough to cover the ornament ball so I may need to buy smaller balls.  Slowly I am getting the fabric organized.  Since the fabric is to small when pleated I may just use this as a practise piece instead of buying smaller balls.  Still can't figure out how this will work, the instructions for the ornament aren't that good.  So I guess it will take some trial and error.  Or maybe I will make it into a second needle case cover, I have hundreds of needles that I keep with different needle arts.  It makes sense to put needles with each project.  But sometimes I think of putting them in one place like my sewing box.  But then mountcraft will have a landslide and bury it!
I have been organizing the beads.  Just rough sorting them by color first.  My bag of clear crystals and white beads weighted out at 4 pounds 5 ounces!  That is not counting one box I have separate.  Just can't get the courage to sort them into size and type.  I have gotten the beads out of the drawers so I can roll them into the craft area.  It would be great to get the beads out of the bedroom.  It would give us room for another book shelf.  Maybe I could just start by sorting out the AB finish crystals.
Think I will try some quilling before getting back to the doll.  Hope you all have a nice evening full of crafting!

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