Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Adventure in Dying Polyester Ribbons

Today I went out to Beverly's and showed the paper flower bouquet I had made.  I got some really great suggestions on how to make it look better.  I also bought some more Rit Dye in wine color this time.  The last dyed ribbons looks great but I want some more variations in color.  So I also bought a Fabrico marker.  The marker seems great but it wasn't the same color inside as the cap color.  So I will have to use it for something else.

So when I got home I dissolved the wine colored dye in two cups of very hot water and added a 1/2 cup of salt.  Then I put 1/2 pound of polyester ribbon in and made sure it was well covered.  After an hour I pulled out the ribbon and rinsed it well.  After it was dry I was really surprised by the color it was a darkish dusty rose color.  But again polyester doesn't respond well to dyes.  Also I am not going to use the ribbon on anything that needs to be washed, it most likely will run.

Then I decided to make all the petals for a rose and I put them in the remaining dye and left it for 5 hours.  So far the second try is coming out a lot lighter which gives me more options for the flowers.  At this rate I will need to buy some more 1 1/2 inch off white ribbon!  It has been really interesting using dye but I am thinking of using the fabric paint again.  Well I will see how well the ribbons works tomorrow.

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