Friday, October 12, 2012

French Beaded Queen Anne's Lace

Who would make ribbon roses without some French Beaded Flowers thrown in?  FBF is an even more obscure craft  then ribbonwork.  Several years ago I purchased "More French-Beaded Flowers" by Dalene Kelly.  Her designs are so beautiful.  Unfortunately many of the examples of FBF are really ugly so I was happy to see her designs.  I even bought her first book through her site, , she also offers individual patterns.  So I collected many hanks of beads to make beautiful flowers but today was the first time I made something.  The ribbon roses needed a filler and I couldn't find a way to make Queen Anne's Lace out of ribbons.  So I remembered the downloaded file and thought I would try!  The flower looked easier then it was to make.  The first issue was that I couldn't find white beads so I decided to try it with silver.  It isn't a hard pattern exactly it is getting used to making beaded loops and making them tight enough so the beads don't move.  It took a lot more strength and I even used a smaller gauge wire.  So my hands are demanding some rest tonight!  With some changes I think the FBF will work as a lovely filler.

My ribbon roses are home.
Ribbon roses with FBF Queen Anne's lace.

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