Thursday, August 30, 2012

Past Projects

Yesterday I picked up some past projects from Beverly's and thought I would post them.

First a cute pincushion made out of gold velvet and a cotton print image of a fairy.  It is decorated with organza and ribbon flowers.  It was my first ribbon embroidery and it came out nice.

Another project was a paper tea cup that I made from a paper design book.  However I had to make many changes to the pattern so it seems like my pattern now.  Also I made a handle out of brass wire instead of paper.  The cardstock used had fairies.  Really cute!
Inside of Cup.
Handle made of wire.
My blue purse is back!  But it is now going on to be a gift!
It really makes me feel great that I made lovely things years ago and that I am growing as a crafter making even better things!

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