Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cherry Bread

Today when I woke up I decided to make some cherry bread.  The recipe I use is for a raisin walnut yeast bread.  But it is so much better with tart cherries, it also uses cinnamon in the dough instead of just a cinnamon sugar layer.  I make a nutmeg and sugar to put on as a swirl through the dough.  It is so delicious!

The rest of the day I sneaked pieces of bread and did some research for the ATCs.  This is a site I found  I have an ATC with the theme of Lord of the Rings.  It is narrowing it down that is the problem.

I also got out some button making books and was reading about lace ball buttons which seem similar to Dorset Knob buttons.  Still need to read more about them, it might be fun to make buttons for the shirt.  That might be a project for tomorrow.  I've also been working on pleating the shirt and making yo-yos.  Also I wound bobbins to make a Torchon bookmark.  Lots of stuff to do and so much bread to eat!

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