Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bobbinlace Cloth Stitch

After struggling with the lace pattern yesterday I decided to go back to the basic stitches.  I had already made a pattern in Coreldraw so I printed it and then wound 6 pairs of bobbins with size 12 perle cotton in two colors.  After the first 4 pairs I lost the ball of thread and had to grab another ball.  Some of the problems I am having with the lace pattern is tension, stitch confusion and bobbins rolling out of place.  The rolling bobbins just needs practise.  For tension I'm making sure the bobbins are of similar lengths and I just gently touch the bobbins and pull down with the palms of my hands.  That seems to really help, also the angle of the pillow is important.  Stitch confusion just needs more practise.  So I will work on the cloth stitch until I don't have to think cross, twist, cross anymore.

Today I also went through all my Magic Crochets and cataloged them and put them in order.  It was a lot of work!  Now I have a list of the ones I still need.  Back to practise!

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