Monday, August 6, 2012

ATCs Received

Recently I was in a private ATC swap Victoria Kamalova.  I received her ATC's some days ago and mine looked like they were lost between here and Russia.  In fact I was going to mail her some more but they turned up today!  So now we both have our cards and now I can show the ones I made.

Embroidered card

This card was created by gluing black lace with gold threads to a piece of watercolor paper.  Then I embroidered silk ribbon spider roses in pink, red and purple on the paper.  The watercolor paper was really tough and held up to being pierced several times.  Then I filled in with chain stitch leaves.  The butterfly was cut from a piece of card stock from the Mariposa stack.  The card came out great!

Peacock feather ATC.

The peacock feather ATC was really easy and fun.  I was going through my left over scraps of paper and found some cork paper.  This cork paper is really thin and it shows where new pieces are added to the sheet. So I decided to rubber stamp a peacock feather onto the cork using a royal blue ink.  Then use iridescent inks for color.  I have had the iridescent inks for years and this was the second time I had used them.  In fact I bought them together in peacock colors along with the stamp.  So it felt good to make something that I had thought of 8 years ago.

Lilith - sorry not a great picture.

This card was the most complex of the group of ATCs.  The background was copied from a Welsh religious book onto parchment paper.  Then the image of Lilith was cut out and added to the background.  Finally paisley like flowers were cut out and surround the image.

I am so glad the ATCs got to where they were going!

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