Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dyeing Ribbon Flowers and cool stuff

Today I actually did some pick up after all the projects I have been working on.  It is actually possible to get into the craft area.  I even got out the candle fixings for a future project.

This evening I went out to dinner with friends which was great but I had to catch up tonight.  So I got together some fabric paint and the ribbon flowers that I've been making.

First thing I did was to wet the flower with a paint brush.  Then I directly painted the full strength fabric paint on the wet flower.  I was surprised that the paint did not run when added to the wet flower.  So I painted in a lot of the flower. 

Next I put more water on the flower and then painted it with a yellow fabric paint.
It didn't blend the way I expected it to so I watered the yellow paint and still the colors were not blending.
So I put water on the flower and then worked it between wet hands and that blended a little.  Well it seems pretty enough but it will have to dry to see what it really will look like.  I love doing experiments and I always seemed to get surprises.
Before dyeing.
I also dyed a small flower.  After the last flower I went right to watering down the fabric paint and got the ribbon really wet.  Then I spread the watered down paint directly on the ribbon with a brush and my hands.  Then I rolled the ribbon attached to the flower back and forth on the work surface.
After dyeing.
I really love how the yellow flower came out and the variations in shading by rolling the ribbon on a surface.  Tomorrow I think I will try using Rit Dye in fuchsia and see what happens!

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