Monday, August 13, 2012

ATC's and Tunnel Card

The deadline is coming due for the ATCs I've promised.  So I spent part of the day looking for images and trying to draw.  This is worse then the shirt, so don't look at the pictures while drinking milk.




I also worked on a tunnel card for a Fiskars challenge.  This is a new type of card for me so I started by using Fiskar's round template to make a circular card.  Then cut a hole out so it has several layers with holes so that it tunnels.  The tricky bit is making an interactive card by placing flowers with a tab that moves things like fairies into the tunnel.  Here are some pictures of a template I made.  Didn't want to waste good card stock while I'm still designing so it is all white.

Closed card.

Open card.

A rough tree made with card scraps.

A faerie is dropped in by moving a flower in outside of card.

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