Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finished projects

Challenging myself to finish two projects this past weekend has really inspired me.  Saturday I designed and almost finished the donut pincushion.  Sunday I finished the pincushion and made a wedding handkerchief pouch.  I sewed both projects without a machine, so that took a while.

Monday I started sketching ATCs and Tuesday I finished making 4 ATCs.  So I finished 6 projects in four days.  Not bad at all, especially considering how well I did on the ATCs.  They were redrawn several times, and took a lot of time to make.  Today I mail them to members of the swap.

Today I need to make another ATC this one is "weird sayings".  I have a couple of sayings picked out but how to make the card interesting is a problem.  Well I need to get working on projects and hope to have pictures to put up.

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