Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today I made two pretty projects for the Sewing Challenge at the Fiskateers site, .  So I got my two projects challenge already done!  I finished putting sprinkles on the donut and I am thinking of making some more donut pincushions in other styles.

Finished donut pincushion.

For the second project I made a wedding handkerchief pouch. First I mixed some red and white fabric paint and then rubber stamped some satin. Once it was dry I heat treated it. Next I embroidered the pouch with an initial using silk ribbons. Finally I sewed the pouch and lining together and placed a handkerchief in it. This came out so pretty that I am thinking of making them for birthday gifts with a antique handkerchief.

Pouch with handkerchief.

Closeup of initial embroidery.


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