Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Drawing ATCs

Today I took the sketches I made yesterday and worked them into ATCs.  I don't want to spoil the fun but I can't wait to show the cards.  So if I owe you a card please don't look.

ATC card 22

The white tree of Gondor.

This card I made with the official image of the white tree in the movie.  I used vellum to make a pergamano image of the white tree.  Then used vellum tape and put black card stock underneath.  It was scanned before adding crystals as stars above the tree.  It is beautiful!  I also made another tree but it didn't scan well.

The next card #23 is a Doctor Who Alphabet card.  I chose he letter S is for Silurians.  They wanted new Doctor Who images so I looked up Silurians and made the sketch yesterday.  Today I narrowed the head and then drew  a lot of scales in tiny spots.  The background was made by scribbling with watercolor pencils and then painting it together.

The final card #25 O is for Ood.

I spent the day looking at pictures of Oods.  It was about my forth try and it came out really well.  It is colored pencils and watercolor pencils with ink.

Not to bad at all.  For me they are amazing.  I kept trying to remember art classes and that helped.  A lot better then yesterdays sketches!  I'm thinking of making an alphabet for my great nephs!

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