Saturday, August 18, 2012

What to do?

Today I cannot figure out what to make.  Craft supplies are everywhere!  There are just so many supplies and books and patterns that it is hard to decide.  So I did some picking up and trying to organize the stuff.  Why do I need to bring out everything to make the simplest projects?

Anyway I decided to make some Torchon lace.  I have not yet been able to make spiders.  The last try the bobbins got horribly mixed up.  So I measured out perle cotton and wound the bobbins.  The first try I lost where I was in the pattern.  The second try I didn't bring in all the bobbins and had one set left over.  So I rewound the bobbins and started weaving again and ended up with two sets of bobbins left out!  Again I rewound the bobbins and I wonder how much bobbin lace torture I can manage today!  So the bobbins are just kind of hanging around.

So as a break I went looking for the cat and gave her some food.  Then she went into the library looking out the window.  On my way back to he torture chamber of bobbin lace I stop to look at a box Lee had found earlier in the week.  It was marked "Hardware".  So I bravely opened the box and found a treasure!  It had copper and gold leaf and bits of stained glass, leather and wood laminate.  It also had one of the first pins I made about eight years ago.  It is so beautiful, I took a picture, so here is what I made.

Stained glass pin held up so light goes through it.

Picture taken with the pin on a surface.

The pin was made by taking a piece of broken stained glass that had been tumbled to have a safe edge.  The sun image is a rubber stamp with copper ink.  Then it was wire wrapped with a bead and thick embossing power was added to the edges.  When I figure this out in more detail I will make a tutorial.  I absolutely love this piece!  The idea most likely came from Expressions magazine, so I will have to pull them out and find the instructions.

Now to get back to more bobbin lace.  Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Fiscar's Challenge so that should keep me busy!

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