Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yo-yo Quilt

Today I played with yo-yos!  Unfortunately I have had a summer cold for the last week.  So working on a quilt seemed easy and mindless enough to work on.  I've been using a yo-yo tool made by Clover.  The tool makes it so simple to sew a yo-yo.  Their other tools are really cool especially  the butterfly.  I've haven't made many yet and I estimate it will take just under 1000 yo-yos to finish the quilt!

Lee picked the color purple.  So I purchased lovely fabrics in several shades of purple with flower and leaf designs.  When the yo-yos are done I plan on working diagonal stripes from light to dark to light again.  It would be fun to put it into the fair next year.

Lee went out on an adventure today.  He went to Beverly's and found the Clover smocking dots.  This is a rather strange set of stickers that show where to sew to create a smocking design rather than a transfer to mark guides to pleat the fabric.  I guess we will see how well it works on my shirt tomorrow!

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